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Home Inspections for Buyers

Standard Whole House Inspection (For Buyers or Sellers)

A detailed and thorough inspection of your prospective property. More than 200 items are typically included in this inspection. Please click on the "What do we inspect?" link for more information.

Condominium/Townhouse Inspection

These inspections cover the items normally included in a whole house inspection. Some community associations cover some aspects of the exterior and/or the roof, allowing you to elect not have those items inspected at a cost savings. Please click on the "What do we inspect?" link in the left hand column for more information.

Apartment/Rental property Inspections

Hire us to do an inspection before you move into your new apartment or rental property. The purpose of this inspection is to provide proof of the condition of the apartment or rental property before you moved in to protect your security deposit.

Multiplex Housing Inspections

These inspections can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of the property. We will inspect all items generally covered in a standard whole house inspection.

Newly Constructed Home Inspections

This is a thorough inspection and report of the new home for buyers who want a punch-list or a list of un-finished items for the builder to address. The inspector will also report on safety hazards and any incorrectly constructed or installed components of the structure.

Warranty Inspections

Many home builders offer a one year warranty on their newly constructed homes. We can perform an inspection of your property just prior to the end of the warranty period. Most safety hazards, deficiencies and incorrectly constructed or installed components within the home should be repaired at no cost to you by the home builder. The cost of this inspection can pay for itself many times over if significant problems are discovered. Contact us at least one month before your home warranty expires so we can perform this inspection.


After the initial home inspection is completed you may want to request that the seller make repairs and address safety hazards before you move into your new home. We will re-inspect these components before you move in to ensure they were corrected properly. This inspection is FREE for those who have hired us to do their initial home inspection. This service is a consultation only, no new inspection report will be generated. This free service includes our time only, laboratory analysis charges still apply.

Relocation Inspections

A relocation inspection (GHI) is a type of home inspection usually ordered when a company requires a person to relocate and this person is forced to sell his/her home. We can do relocation inspections both for relocation companies and individual home sellers requesting this service. For those moving into east Tennessee we can do property inspections while communicating with you via telephone or internet even if you live on the other side of the country. With these inspections we will also take an extensive number of photographs of the home and property to provide useful information to aid you in your purchasing decisions.

Partial Inspections

We can inspect individual components of your new home. This offers you a cost savings if you do not want your entire home inspected. Call or email for pricing on this unique type of inspection.

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